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James Ellis


James has spent his working life in the management and husbandry of large mammals, especially populations maintained for conservation and sporting purposes. He has been intimately involved with landscape scale ecological restoration and management, including habitat creation, species reintroduction and the creation of supporting sustainable, market-based revenue generation.
From 1990: Land manager of Gunton Park, Norfolk, England; since 1995 combining this role with the development of a sustainable field sports outfitting business, plus sporting and conservation land management consultancy; accompanying clients in northern and southern Cameroon, Argentina, Kenya, Zambia, Texas, Quebec, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan and leading a team that includes professionals in enclosure design, fencing, capture, tranquillisation, transport and relocation.
1988-1990: Assistant manager at Houghton Estate deer park.
1984-1988: Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester and variety of land management and sporting development positions in the UK and New Zealand.

Diploma in Land Management - Royal Agricultural College
Safari Club International
Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust
British Association for Shooting and Conservation
British Deer Society

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